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The Games Machine Magazine

The Games Machine was Newsfield's multi-format magazine, launched as a sister publication to Crash, Zzap! 64 and Amtix. It covered most formats of the day, with emphasis on the emerging 16-bit consoles and computers. Scanned by Ken D of


texts 34

Game and Gamer Magazines

atari 33
amiga 32
games 32
tgm 32
game 31
software 30
amstrad cpc 20
sound effects 18
spectrum 15
graphics 14
software houses 14
version update 13
games machine 12
commodore 10
offer 9
tor 9
computers repaired 8
disk drive 8
arcade 7
disk 7
electronic arts 7
peripherals repaired 7
centre bytes 6
computer 6
computer games 6
game boy 6
lor 6
warranty three 6
dear games 5
mail order 5
software house 5
disk offer 4
machine update 4
mega drive 4
personal computer 4
ttie 4
colour palette 3
gremlin graphics 3
midi 3
thunder blade 3
amstrao cpc 2
code masters 2
commodore amiga 2
computer game 2
deluxe paint 2
dnk offer 2
double dragon 2
grand prix 2
hard disk 2
high score 2
indiana jones 2
lazer tag 2
machine rating 2
mark caswell 2
mel 2
public domain 2
rainbow arts 2
sam coupe 2
software format 2
sound 2
space ace 2
star wars 2
test drive 2
tgm update 2
thai 2
ttw 2
warren lapworth 2
amiga version 1
amstrad 1
animation 1
arcade game 1
army moves 1
base colours 1
battle squadron 1
beverly hills 1
big apple 1
blade eagle 1
blade runner 1
board game 1
board games 1
bss jane 1
bulletin boards 1
captain blood 1
car racer 1
castle master 1
colour monitor 1
cup soccer 1
dah offer 1
dak offer 1
dan dare 1
dark future 1
dark sceptre 1
dark side 1
dear tgm 1
digital pictures 1
disk drives 1
disks 1
domain software 1
dsk offer 1
dynasty wars 1
eaaa offer 1
engine 1
enter subspace 1
erm 1
flight 1
football manager 1
forgotten worlds 1
galactic conqueror 1
games cga 1
golden path 1
highway patrol 1
hills cop 1
hld hld 1
hot shot 1
input socket 1
international soccer 1
jade stone 1
kill man 1
lapworth machine 1
laser disc 1
laser tag 1
led storm 1
level level 1
mac 1
master sound 1
match day 1
mega man 1
midi device 1
midi devices 1
mother ship 1
ninja warriors 1
north star 1
ntt 1
ntt ntt 1
operation stealth 1
operation thunderbolt 1
pink panther 1
platform game 1
playing tips 1
power drift 1
psycho fox 1
red october 1
red storm 1
rob hubbard 1
robin candy 1
rock star 1
rocket ranger 1
sample rates 1
scramble spirits 1
sega 1
sega mega 1
sega megadrive 1
shadow software 1
sharper image 1
sim city 1
smart card 1
smart cards 1
software industry 1
sonic boom 1
sound module 1
space harrier 1
space master 1
space quest 1
space rogue 1
special offer 1
special offers 1
sprites 1
star trek 1
stealth fighter 1
stunt car 1
summer games 1
super famicom 1
super grafx 1
super ski 1
system amiga 1
teenage mutant 1
tfie 1
tgm april 1
tgm august 1
tgm february 1
tgm july 1
tgm june 1
tgm march 1
tgm rating 1
tgm september 1
three months 1
time machine 1
time stood 1
total cost 1
total eclipse 1
tut tut 1
typhoon thompson 1
update rating 1
vector graphics 1
virgin mastertronic 1
walt disney 1
wjs design 1
wonder boy 1
word processor 1
word processors 1
english 34
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